* Graduation projects

School "Garmonia" is specialized in advanced study of information technology.  Therefore, every student of grade 11 form is required to prepare a graduation project and present it.

There are various stages of the project:
• theme selection
• approval by the director
• familiarity with the grading criteria and requirements for its implementation
• preliminary presentation
• final presentation

During the project, the students demonstrate the ability to work with and organise information, while using information technology to effectively communicate the key aspects of the project.



Graduation projects themes:

Coco Chanel
Ukrainian Literature in the Early Twentieth Century
Ballroom Dancing
The Second World War in the Pacific Ocean
Mysterious Japan
The Ukrainian National Revolution and the Struggle for the Establishment of Statehood

Salvador Dali
Michael Jackson
"Well, Just You Wait!

The Kabuki Theatre
Great Buildings of China
Caesar: the Man and Politician
Scientific Technical Progress in the United States
The Templars
Audrey Hepburn

Odessa International Film Festival
Anomalous Zones of the World
Cycling at the Olympic Games
Shale Gas
The Development of Tourism
Internal Combustion Engines and Alternative
Oil (petroleum)
Nikola Tesla
The Education of Children of Preschool Age in Different Countries and Different Religions
The Impact of Robotics on the Quality of People’s Life