* The project "Kuyalnik Estuary "(2013)

One special aspect of the Black sea is that it has many surrounding estuaries.  Each one being uniquely interesting.

The students of both the primary and secondary schools studied the special features of a local estuary named Kuyalnik.

Third grade pupils visited the territory of the sanatorium "Kuyalnik", studied the structure of the estuary, and created two models demonstrating how water escapes the estuary through the ground.  High school students engauged in heated debates concerning ways to save resorts of the South of Ukraine.

Mud and water in this reservoir has been studied as far back as the 19th century.  Even then, there was a health resort where people came to visit from all over the Russian Empire, and in the 20th century from all over the USSR.  However, in the beginning of the 21st century, Kuyalnik has been in severe environmental decline.  Saving the estuary is now a very important issue.  Our students have been involved with this task.