* The project "Black Sea: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

Environmental problems in the waters along the Odessa Black Sea coast inspired the students of "Garmonia" school with the idea of studying the history of the existence and development of this geographical area.

The students teamed up together under the direction of teachers, historians, geographers, biologists, chemists, and physicists.

While working on the project, they studied materials on the Black Sea's  formation and coast, chemical composition, physical properties, biological diversity, environmental problems and proposed solutions.

Student "historians" with "chemists" tried to find an explanation for the unique large deposits of hydrogen sulfide in the sea.  They suggested and explained one their hypothesis that these deposits arose as a consequence of  the Flood.

Student "biologists" told about the diversity of life in the Black sea while "chemists" showed the results of their experiments and analytical work with the sea water.

The most active portion of the project was a discussion of environmental problems.  Students suggested interesting ways how to solve these problem while their parents played a supported role in the entire project.