* Charity Projects

Since November 2007 “Garmoniya” School has been participating in the charity project “From Heart to Heart”.  More than once, this project was a finalist in the Ukrainian charity competition “Kindness is in You”.

The aim of the project is to develop among our pupils a desire for charity work, kindness and ability to empathize with others.  All the pupils of the school participate in the project as well as parents and teachers.

 The following activities are held throughout the project:

1. Benefit events “From Child to Child” and “We Think of You”

During these events, we collect presents for:  orphaned children, disabled children, refugees, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and others.


2. We visit children with disabilities at their homes and celebrate the Christmas holidays with them. We do performances for orphaned children, children with disabilities, patients at the social rehabilitation center, and refugee children.


3.  We also give lessons on tolerance. 


4. We visit and spend time with veterans and disabled veterans at their homes.  



5. We participate in municipal forums.






The charity project, “From heart to Heart”, several times has received recognition from the International Charity Foundation “Ukraine 3000” and municipal charity foundation «Молода громада».