Art School

Painting is not only an inborn gift but also an acquired skill.  All talents must be carefully groomed and shaped. This shaping takes place in the various classes offered at our art school, which introduce students to the magic world of paints, light, and shadow. Children will grow in their basic knowledge of composition, drawing and painting, and can also begin to master a variety of painting techniques. In our classes, students learn the basics of colour and try their hands at various genres of art.

Teaching is centered on the following areas:

  • Still Life (drawing and painting);
  • Work on memory and imagination (composition);
  • Arts and crafts (appliqué, painting Easter eggs and wooden figures).

Students of our studio take part in the permanent gallery of our school and in many projects. The best works decorate the school rooms and are printed for school calendars, magazines and catalogues. The illustrated books made by our young painters are being published, too.

      Students take part in various contests and exhibitions throughout the year.  Many of them became the laureates and winners of:

  • International contests such as “Easter Lights”, “Christmas Star”, “The World through the Children’s’ Eyes”, and “We are Responsible for Those Who Tamed”;
  • International plein-airs of young artists in Czech Republic and Germany;
  •  Regional festival-contest “Pure Dew”;
  • City contests “Star Youth of Odessa”, “Colors of Odessa”, “Everyone Can Test Oneself”, and “Biennale from 5 to 10”.

The classes at our Art school give students an opportunity to develop their talents, as well as helping them become more motivated and holistically developed!



Participating students  of "Harmony" in the celebration of the 850th anniversary of Munich (Germany)

Drawings of pupils at the school "Harmony" at the Museum of Art in Sity Montessory School, Laknau city (India)


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