Secondary School

Secondary school consists of 2 levels

Basic  school (5-9 forms)

The main aim of teaching in 5th-9th forms is the formation of  fundamental  ideas about the world, humans and society. Also, we emphasize mastering the foundational laws of the natural, humanitarian and sociological sciences, as well as mathematics. In these forms, we continue to assist in the development of both personal and interpersonal skills. This is a period that is full of many changes such as:  physical growth, an increasing understanding of oneself, times of negativity and a growth in independence. Our teachers are well-trained in the areas of development psychology, in order to help students during this challenging age.

Each student has an opportunity to:

  • master the state program in all subjects
  • take the independent Cambridge exams: Flyers (at the end of 5th form), KET (at the end of 7th form), PET (at the end of 9th form).
  • study a second foreign language (German or  French).
  • master modern computer technologies
  • participate in projects
  • participate in charitable activities
  • thoughtfully choose a future profession 
  • receive a secondary education certificate based on national standards


High school (10-11 forms)

 Our school specializes in in-depth studies of foreign languages and information technologies.  The high school works in a system of individually-oriented education and upbringing.  We encourage independent work and a creative attitude.

 The  school curriculum thoroughly covers all educational subjects.  Thus, enabling us to offer:

  • a high level of academics;
  • bilingual education;
  • profile-oriented education.


Beginning in the 10th form

  • English literature;
  • Ukrainian literature theory;
  • ArtCAM Pro–a special course from   Delcam (a computer industrial design and three-dimensional industrial  modeling) company;
  • split-level groups while studying maths.


Upon graduation, every student will have had the opportunity to:

  • master English at a level which allows him to communicate freely as well as to pursue further education in English by preparing for and taking the English proficiency exam FC;
  • study a second foreign language of their choice (German or French);
  • master modern computer technologies;
  • take part in projects and socially-significant charitable work;
  • thoughtfully choose a future profession;
  • receive a secondary education certificate based on national standards.


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