School Newspaper

The school Newspaper began in 2008

In every publication you can find:

  • up-to date news;
  • information about school Dress Code;
  • interviews with alumni and teachers;
  • creative works of our pupils;
  • revealing stories;
  • many other interesting things.

In an interview with the headmaster of our school,  Tatiana Protsenko was quoted saying “smart and creative pupils study at Garmonia school and  they have a perfect opportunity to  express their extraordinary ideas and feelings in our school newspaper.”


School newspaper of "Garmonia" Private School:



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In August 2015 our school newspaper «Live in Harmony»was the awardee  of the city competition «Ukrainian language - the language of unity» in the nomination «Linguistic polyphony». We congratulate it on the triumph and hope it will always be interesting, informative and absorbing.