Pre-school education

The main task of the department is: preparation for school, formation of pupils school groups, and adaptation to school life.
Preschool groups help children be academically ready for first form at “Garmoniya”.

Our academic program is based on a multi-faceted development of students.

The program includes classes such as:

  • Mathematics;
  • Language learning;
  • Literacy training;
  • English;
  • Speech therapy;
  • Science;
  • Eurhythmics;
  • Music;
  • Arts (drawing, modeling, applique).

Children take part in a variety of competitions, quizzes, exhibitions and performances dedicated to the celebration of traditional holidays: “Christmas Carnival”, “Mother’s day” , “Welcome to fairytale land”.

Teaching is based on unique methods (reading system by S.N. Polyakov) and innovative, classical teaching programs (“Rostok” adopted by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine).

Exciting English lessons:

Children are divided into two age groups: 4-5 and 5-6 year olds.

Each lesson lasts 30 minutes. 

The first group lessons start at 9.00 and end at 12.40

The second group lessons start at 14.00 and end at 17.40


Tel. (048)746-75-31