Our partners

International Organizations


State Establishments

  • The Department of Education and Science in Odessa  and Odessa Region Administration www.osvita.odessa.gov.ua
  • Odessa Region Institute of Teacher Development: Department of Psychology, Ukrainian Language Branch,  History and Law Branch, the Department of Management in Education www.osvitaodessa.org
  • Odessa Region Science and Methodology Centre of Educational and Computer Information Technologies 
  •   Children Affair Services of the Odessa City Council www.ssd.odessa.ua
  • The Criminal Police of Kyivskyi Area of Odesa City
  • The Criminal Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Odesa Railway Traffic



Higher Educational Establishments

  • www.oeu.edu.ua
  • The Academy of management under the guidance of the President of Ukraine
  • The national Polytechnic University www.opu.ua
  • Odesa University “Law Academy” www.onue.ua



  Public Establishments and Funds.



International partnership

  • St.Wilfrid’s Catholic High School (Leeds, the UK)
  • Private Gymnasium “Josefinium”(Hildesheim, Germany)
  • City Monessory School ( Laknau,India)
  • Private School (Tarnav, Poland)
  • Alev Privary Primary School (Turkey)
  • Bank Ukrsoz


Security Company “Combat- 777”