Рrimary School

Primary school forms1-4
The main task of the primary school is to transform natural childhood curiosity into the ability to learn. We believe that every child is unique. Originality, inventiveness, and the ability to create are inherent in every child. We help children to grow to be free, harmonious, and self-confident people who are able to make independent decisions while respecting oneself and the people around them. Your child will learn to think creatively and reach his potential while finding his place in life. This might sound amazing, but great cries of discovery, similar to the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes, can be heard still today. Yes, you heard correctly!  Shouts of  "Eureka!" can be heard hundreds of times coming from children during our lessons.  As each student gives it their best to solve heuristic (discovery-based) problems, they finish with cries of joy  -  "Eureka!", "I've found it!", "I can do it!".  How pleasant it is to experience the cheers that result from  a well-planned lesson and see the sense of pride that comes from children's mini successes!

In order to achieve the above result, we use a combination of both a traditional methodological system  and a progressive system of developmental education called the Elkonin-Davydov  system.  When integrated with both active and interactive forms, these systems help us to achieve  our educational goals.

Our goals:  

  • provide students with opportunities for intellectual development that goes beyond the basics
  • an individual approach to each pupil
  • provide an effective and quality education both in and out of the classroom
  • formation of solid skills within school activities
  • enhance the child's knowledge about the world
  • develop cognitive and social skills;
  • discovery and development of creative abilities
  • moral education
  • formation of  respect for the views, values and traditions of other individuals and peoples
  • concern for children's health  

Training is conducted in Russian, with an emphasis on Ukrainian and English.


A combination of traditional British methods and modern approaches to the study of English provides the foundation for successful learning in primary school. Our English program uses both content  and technology to effectively develop students according to the psychological needs of children.


Our foreign language teachers are guided by the principle: " Classes should bring pupils joy and satisfaction". Each class is divided into separate groups.  Students learn English at a level sufficient to pass the Cambridge independent certified test  'Movers' (at the end of the 4th form).

  • Classes are cozy as well as equipped with computers and multimedia projectors.  Each room has a resting area with a carpet and sofa. There are up to 20 students in each form.
  • Students are fed three times a day - breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. These meals include vegetables, fruits, cheese, meat, and homemade desserts.
  • School - full day from 8.30 to 18.00. After the lessons, children have recess, do homework and a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Children are safely bused home every day.
  • Before admission to school, the  future first-graders are tested to determine their level of psychological maturity and motivation for learning.

   For admission to school the following documents are necessary:

  • application filled out by the parent
  • copy of the child's birth certificate
  • medical record book
  • 3 photos 3 X 4


 "Harmony" - is a progressive and elite school for children.

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