Summer camp « Harmony»

A difficult year has passed. You are tired and your little children’s pent-up energy is going to explode! Don’t waste this energy…let us help you with our incredible “Harmony” summer camp. Classes and outdoor games will help your child recharge their batteries and learn something new.


English with native speakers will not only enlarge their vocabulary, but will also familiarize your child with the culture of other countries.

Art studios will help reveal the secret of the children studying at Harmony school. Here everyone can become an artist, a showman, a singer, a fitness trainer or even a marksman.

Tasty and healthy food will give your child energy for the second part of the day. Museums, exhibitions`, cinema, bowling, lego-center, boat trips, tennis clubs, horseback riding at Uncle Bo’s farm, theme parties, aquapark, botanical garden and more will help your child have an unforgettable first month of holiday with nothing but happiness. 

  We love our children so we choose on the best for them! 

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