Wushu Martial Arts

   Wushu  has a deep philosophical base that believes that everything in the world is united and one cannot exist without  the other.  Workouts develop fortitude, persistence, focus, responsibility and discipline.

   Wushu has been in our school since 2010. Training is conducted by an  experienced and honored Ukrainian  coach, Vladimir Fedortsev, under the guidance of his supervisor Mu Yuchun. He took first place in the World  Wushu  Championship in China in 2012.


Why is Wushu useful?

   First, Wushu technique engages several different muscle groups which  provides a terrific result for the entire body. Plasticity, speed, endurance and strengh are thoroughly developed.

   Second, the vestibular apparatus in our brain responsible for the coordination of movement and balance is developed.

   Third, the complex sequence of movements requires a level of concentration that positively affects  memory and spatial thinking.

   Fourth, correct movement is inseparable from proper breathing, which is deep and steady.  The effect is clear and healthy lungs and oxygen-enriched blood.


Some of our students are winners and  medalists in the  Odessa Wushu Federation.  Arina Miagkih, a  pupil of the  6–B form, achieved great success.  In 2014 she became a champion of Ukraine in traditional Wushu, winner of the European Championship (Bulgaria) and bronze medalist of the world ( China) ..


We welcome all who are interested in participating in Wushu with us.


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