About Us

“Garmoniya” Private Specialized School of I-III levels

  • is included the top ten schools of Odessa according to the results of independent testing in English;
  • is the only school that has been certified with distinction by the Department of Education and Science at the Odessa Regional State Administration in 2014;
  • is the only school in Odessa that has been invited to collaborate with the Cambridge English Schools Project;
  • has the privilege of using the Саmbridge English School Logo;
  • is an associate member of UNESCO;
  • cooperates with schools abroad: St. Wilfrid’s Catholic High School , the UK; and Alev Private Primary School , Turkey.


Our mission is to be socially responsible by providing a high-quality education and developing student comprehension with our highest priority being success.

The graduates will be intellectually and emotionally prepared for further education and their future working careers.

In order to achieve this mission we endeavor through positive activities, democratic environment and friendly faculty to accomplish individual student success.

Our school instils a life-long love for learning with an interest in reaching one’s full potential through life.


“Garmoniya” specializes in information technologies and foreign languages.



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67 Academic Korolyov Street, Odessa, Ukraine  65089

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Call us on (38) (048) 746-75-31 between the hours of 9am and 5.40pm Mon-Fri

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Send us a fax on(38) (048) 746-75-31

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Please email harmony_school@list.ru