The school provides a quality education of the European level. After school graduates receive certificates of education of the state sample and can learn not only in the best universities of Ukraine, but also abroad.


Graduates of private school "Harmony" who pass the exam FCE:

  • 2005-2006, - A. Protsenko (Grade B), Malevany O. (Grade C)
  • 2006-2007, - Surilov A. (Grade C), Serebrov A. (Grade C) Saifudinov D. (Grade C) Korinenko A. (Grade C) Kozyarchuk A. (Grade C)
  • 2007-2008, - Volochaev H. (Grade B), Grigorenko (Grade B), Shishman A. (Grade C).
  • 2009-2010, - Bezuglyi A. (Grade C), Han B. (Grade C).
  • 2010-2011, - Ustenyuk B. (Grade C), D. Toth (Grade C) Kovrizhnykh A. (Grade C).
  • 2011-2012, - O. Pavlovsky (Grade A), Kumpan K. (Grade C), A. Didenko (Grade C) GORYUK I. (Grade C) Gimatdinova A. (Grade C) Bosiy E. (Grade C) Uzhakova A. (Grade B), S. Iliev (Grade C), Hypatia B. (Grade C), D. Merkulov (Grade C)

Successfully passed the test IELTS:

  • Skobeleva Ya

Passed the examination for a certificate in German language Examination Board g.Zaltsburga the Council of Europe:

  • 2007 - Surilov A.

Graduates to continue their studies abroad:

2010 - The European University student Bachelos of Arts in of Geneva (Switzerland)


2011 - college student Klinston Bristol (UK)


2011 - student of Swiss Hotel Management School in Lausanne (Switzerland)


2012 - South Korean student at the University


Graduates "Harmony" successfully pass tests annually independent external evaluation (IEE):

  • the last few years the school among the leaders in terms of delivery of the IEE (2010 -to the top ten schools in the city rated the newspaper "Today"; 2012 - in the top ten schools in the city ("Today");
  • magazine "Focus" 19/04/2013, determining the top ten schools in major Ukrainian cities, put the "harmony" in the 8th place.


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