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The mission of our private school is social responsibility, harmonious development of each student, aimed at success. We work full-time from 8:30 to 18:00. The training process takes place in Russian. In depth children study Ukrainian and English, as well as French or German. The average class size is 17 people. We provide 3 balanced meals a day - breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. There is a school bus that takes students from many parts of the city. At school, children attend development studios: a leadership and blogging course, a Wushu and football section, fine arts, a modeling workshop, a chess club, a theater, vocal, instrumental, and dance studio.

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Our projects
  • * Participation in Educational Competitions
    Some of our pupils have won educational competitions at different levels: regional winners municipal winners n...
    School “Garmonyia” became a member of  the Associated Schools UNESCO in 2012. Our educational topi...
  • * Collaboration with the Cambridge English Schools Project
         Our school “Garmoniya” is one of six schools in Ukraine and the only school in the...
  • * "Making the World Better" Environmental Project
       In 2012, pupils of 4-A form and their parents initiated the environmental project "Let’s Make Ou...
  • * International Projects
       Ежегодно  на протяжении 11-ти лет школа «Гармония» приглашается к участию в международной ...
  • * Landscape gardening
       In September 2013 a long-term school project named «School landscape design» started. Beautiful...
  • * Charity Projects
    Since November 2007 “Garmoniya” School has been participating in the charity project “From Heart to He...
  • * Participation in the program DelcamArtCAMPro-in cooperation with the Polytechnic University project
    Participation in the program DelcamArtCAMPro-in cooperation with the Polytechnic University project    For ...
  • * The Artifacts WithYour Own Hands Project
    Every year the pupils of the 6th form choose a topic for their project. They study the history of antiquity and then mak...
  • * The project "Black Sea: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"
    Environmental problems in the waters along the Odessa Black Sea coast inspired the students of "Garmonia" scho...
  • * The project "Kuyalnik Estuary "(2013)
    One special aspect of the Black sea is that it has many surrounding estuaries.  Each one being uniquely intere...
  • * Graduation projects
    School "Garmonia" is specialized in advanced study of information technology.  Therefore, every student o...
  • * Projects in German
       In recent years, project work has become more popular  among the secondary school pupils of  &quo...
  • World Without Borders - England
    Host Countries: The United Kingdom School Partner:  St.Wilfrid’s Catholic High School Participatin...
  • World Without Borders - Turkey
    Turkey: School Partners: Alev Private Primary School Frequency:   Annually Length of Participati...
  • * Computer Study projects
    • Siemens "Join Multimedia 2006". • "Onlandia – the Territory of Safe Internet&qu...
  • World Without Borders - India
    Всемирный симпозиум Верховных судей стран мира International Conference of chief  justices of the world and ...
  • * Rules of success
       The goal of this project is to tell about our graduates who became successful even at a young age. We want ...
  • * Риторика в 9-11 классах
        С сентября 2015 года для учащихся 9-11 классов введён новый предмет – риторика. Преподаёт её известн...
  • * Сотрудничество с международной ИТ-компанией «Provectus»
         Стремительное развитие информационных технологий с каждым годом все больше стимулирует спрос на ИТ-с...
  • * Мы против войны
    Грандиозное событие 2014-2015 учебного  года - масштабный интегрированный учебно-воспитательный проект «Мы пр...