“Garmoniya” School – successful students!


Our mission is to be socially responsible by providing a high-quality education and developing student comprehension with our highest priority being success.

The graduates will be intellectually and emotionally prepared for further education and their future working careers.

In order to achieve this mission we endeavor through positive activities, democratic environment and friendly faculty to accomplish individual student success.

Our school instils a life-long love for learning with an interest in reaching one’s full potential through life. 

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Our projects
  • * Participation in Educational Competitions
    Some of our pupils have won educational competitions at different levels: regional winners municipal winners n...
    School “Garmonyia” became a member of  the Associated Schools UNESCO in 2012. Our educational topi...
  • * Collaboration with the Cambridge English Schools Project
         Our school “Garmoniya” is one of six schools in Ukraine and the only school in the...
  • * "Making the World Better" Environmental Project
       In 2012, pupils of 4-A form and their parents initiated the environmental project "Let’s Make Ou...
  • * International Projects
       Ежегодно  на протяжении 11-ти лет школа «Гармония» приглашается к участию в международной ...
  • * Landscape gardening
       In September 2013 a long-term school project named «School landscape design» started. Beautiful...
  • * Charity Projects
    Since November 2007 “Garmoniya” School has been participating in the charity project “From Heart to He...
  • * Participation in the program DelcamArtCAMPro-in cooperation with the Polytechnic University project
    Participation in the program DelcamArtCAMPro-in cooperation with the Polytechnic University project    For ...
  • * The Artifacts WithYour Own Hands Project
    Every year the pupils of the 6th form choose a topic for their project. They study the history of antiquity and then mak...
  • * The project "Black Sea: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"
    Environmental problems in the waters along the Odessa Black Sea coast inspired the students of "Garmonia" scho...
  • * The project "Kuyalnik Estuary "(2013)
    One special aspect of the Black sea is that it has many surrounding estuaries.  Each one being uniquely intere...
  • * Graduation projects
    School "Garmonia" is specialized in advanced study of information technology.  Therefore, every student o...
  • * Projects in German
       In recent years, project work has become more popular  among the secondary school pupils of  &quo...
  • World Without Borders - England
    Host Countries: The United Kingdom School Partner:  St.Wilfrid’s Catholic High School Participatin...
  • World Without Borders - Turkey
    Turkey: School Partners: Alev Private Primary School Frequency:   Annually Length of Participati...
  • * Computer Study projects
    • Siemens "Join Multimedia 2006". • "Onlandia – the Territory of Safe Internet&qu...
  • World Without Borders - India
    Всемирный симпозиум Верховных судей стран мира International Conference of chief  justices of the world and ...
  • * Rules of success
       The goal of this project is to tell about our graduates who became successful even at a young age. We want ...
  • * Риторика в 9-11 классах
        С сентября 2015 года для учащихся 9-11 классов введён новый предмет – риторика. Преподаёт её известн...
  • * Сотрудничество с международной ИТ-компанией «Provectus»
         Стремительное развитие информационных технологий с каждым годом все больше стимулирует спрос на ИТ-с...
  • * Мы против войны
    Грандиозное событие 2014-2015 учебного  года - масштабный интегрированный учебно-воспитательный проект «Мы пр...